What is Therapeutic Breath Work?

The breath has been utilized throughout the centuries to provide deeper connection and understanding in conjunction with practices such as meditation and yoga . Every day our breath provides the cells in our body with the oxygen that sustain life and growth as well as the vehicle to release toxins from our bodies.  The breath runs on its own, it is something we do not need to work at or have to remember to do. The Breath just happens and without it we could not live.  It is as simple as something “just under our nose” and one of the most importing life giving function of our bodies.  There are many practices of focused breathing and no one right way.  Our breath patterns can change throughout our lives and even throughout the day. The form of our breath is an indication of what is going on in our lives, and should not be viewed as being right or wrong.

Therapeutic Breathwork is a tool utilizing a diaphragmatic circular breathing pattern and a relaxed exhale; creating a full breath beginning in the lower abdomen then filling the lower and upper lungs and allowing the exhale to release by gravity, without effort. Repeating this breath without a pause between the inhale and exhale for a period of time allows the individual or breather to connect with parts of the self that are not normally available. This process provides the breather a deeper awareness of their physical, emotional and spiritual self. It is typical for a breather working with a facilitator through a series of 5 to 7 sessions to experience insights, awareness’s and deeper connection to self, love and freedom allowing them to live their lives in a more meaningful and connected way.

Breathwork can help you:

  • To manage stress
  • To have more energy
  • To have better Emotional wellbeing